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Media Mentions

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The Science of Approval Voting with Aaron Hamlin of CES

Liquid Future Podcast — June 11, 2019

Science, Politics, Inseparably Linked

The Chippewa Herald — May 10, 2019

Approval Voting: Better Than Ranked Choice?

David Pakman Show — March 21, 2019

10 Nonpartisan Organizations to Watch in 2020

Independent Voter Network — March 15, 2019

A Million-Dollar Reform to Unrig Our Elections

Independent Voter Podcast — March 15, 2019

A Million-Dollar Snapshot of What Better Elections Look Like

Independent Voter Network — March 14, 2019

Blame Democrats, not me, for Paul LePage victories

Bangor Daily News — March 9, 2019

Former gubernatorial candidate Cutler repairs the record

The Piscataquis Observer — March 6, 2019

Public Access America Chats with Aaron Hamlin

Public Access America Podcast — January 6, 2019

How to Do Good Better

Vox — December 14, 2018

Fargo to become first city in U.S. to use approval voting

Election Law Blog — November 10, 2018

Midterms 2018 Prove Voters Hungry for Democracy Reform

Sightline Institute — November 10, 2018

Voting Rights Roundup

Daily Kos — September 17, 2018

Approval Voting - A Better Way to Vote

Politics within Reason Podcast — August 31, 2018

4 New Voting Methods That Upend Partisan Politics

Independent Voter Network — July 16, 2018

Alternatives to plurality voting: Approval voting

Michigan State University — March 23, 2017

Alternative Voting Systems Can Save Democracy

Sightline Institute — December 1, 2016

The Merits of Approval Voting

The New York Times — May 13, 2016

Rand Paul snags libertarian straw poll, Cruz gets second

Washington Examiner — October 11, 2015

Your Nonprofit Can Make Smarter Group Decisions

Nonprofit Pro — August 3, 2015

The Unified Primary: A New Way to Conduct Nonpartisan Elections

Independent Voter Network — January 3, 2014

How Does Approval Voting Work?

Independent Voter Network — October 18, 2013

Is Our Centuries-Old Ballot Out of Date?

The New Citizens Press — July 15, 2012

Approval Voting: A Voice for Independents

Independent Voter Network — April 16, 2012
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