Approval Voting 101

When you enter the polling booth, you can only vote for one candidate.
But only being able to vote for one candidate causes lots of problems:

  • You feel forced to vote for who you think can win instead of your favorite.
  • Winning candidates often don’t represent a broad base of voters.
  • The system is dominated by two parties, leaving no room for new ideas to break through.

Our elections don’t have to be like this!
The Solution: Approval Voting

With approval voting, you can vote for all the candidates you want. The candidate with the most votes wins. It’s as simple as that!

Approval voting is a simple tweak that offers enormous benefits:

  • Be excited to vote for your favorite, instead the one most likely to win.
  • Enjoy newer ideas, newer candidates, and fewer attacks.
  • Elect the best possible candidate that represents the most Americans.

Take Action to Fix the Broken System

Changing the way we vote isn’t pie-in-the-sky thinking. We’ve already helped change how 120,000 citizens in Fargo, North Dakota vote. Now we’re working with grassroots activists to empower 300,000+ residents of St. Louis, Missouri. We need you on board to improve the way we vote! Every voice matters, and we want to hear yours.

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