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EA Global London
Date: October 18, 2019 - October 20, 2019
Location: The Brewery, London, UK
Event type: Conference
The goal of EA Global is to increase attendees’ knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to do the most good possible. Content will be aimed at existing EA community members who already have a solid understanding of effective altruism, but would like to gain skills, network, master more complex problems, or move into new roles. LEARN MORE
Date: October 27, 2019 - October 28, 2019
Location: Music City Center, Nashville, TN
Event type: Conference
Politicon is the Unconventional Political Convention that brings together some of the biggest names in politics and entertainment for an unorthodox and highly entertaining weekend of political discourse. Learn More
Date: November 13, 2019 - November 15, 2019
Location: Chicago, IL
Event type: Conference
Upswell is where every voice is heard and every good idea is considered. Learn More
Bridge Summit
Date: October 29, 2019 - October 29, 2019
Location: Hyattsville, MD
Event type: Conference
Join our Summit as we take a stand for the health of our country. The day will help us make personal connections, network connections and identify possibilities to pursue together. Diversity and opportunity is not the topic of our summit, but it is the operating system through which we work together. It’s the start of a healthy country.
National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers Summit
Date: December 5, 2019 - December 6, 2019
Location: Denver, CO
Event type: Conference
The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR) is a member-led Association dedicated to structural election reforms in the public interest. We provide support to our member organizations through shared resources, best practices, and regular convenings. Learn More
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